Hi all,

Welcome to the weekly Highway update.

This week’s cover image is Helping Hands working hard. They’ve had a busy week, but have been very blessed by a grant from the Seedbed charity. They’ve also got a new vehicle to aid with with furniture delivery, so the only way is up. ColourRiot’s session happened as normal, alongside the cafe, serving cake and light lunches, and the Youth Cafe are asking for people’s recycling for their session this evening. What on earth for, I wonder?

If you like a quiz show or a pub quiz, then the Foodbank fundraiser is for you. In a fortnight’s time, on the 14th October, they’re hosting a quiz night fundraiser; click-here to find out more information.

Also, our Christmas meal is fast approaching, and we’re all looking forward to a chance to dress up, have some food and have a dance…

See you soon,

The Highway Team