Welcome to Cornwall!

Would you like to visit us? We’ll have a minibus waiting at the bus stops at 9:45am to transport you to our church for the first four Sundays (starting 22nd September 2018).



Every student at Highway is invited to become part of a family within the church for the duration of their studies in Cornwall; this can mean anything from being provided with the odd hot meal and sofa to sit on (one thing that the halls at Tremough really lack) to joining them for day trips and baby sitting the children.  We want to help you to feel at home here in Cornwall and if you have any ideas of how we can do that for you get in touch with us via admin@highwaychurch.co.uk.


As well as having links with the university CU ( http://www.fxu.org.uk/falmouthchristianunion ) we also have links with the students of the Jubilee Training Centre in Maidstone so annual trips up to Kent are made to see what’s happening over the other side of the country!