Where We Are

Acorns Parent and Toddler Group is currently open on  Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Find us in Highway Community Centre, Penryn from 9.30am -11.30am. The cost of the session is £1.50 for the first child and £1.00 for each additional child. A snack and drink is provided.

The sessions are open to all and you are welcome to come and go as you please.

What We Do

During the session little ones can enjoy ‘free play‘ on our climbing frame, tunnels, slides, trampolines, tents and rockers! We have a ‘soft baby area‘ with toys, gyms, baby bouncers, bumbo seats and activity centres.

In our ‘role play area‘ there is a kitchen, babies and prams. There are also many ‘small play’ toys to amuse, cars, road and garage, trains, track, and more!

There is often opportunity to join in with different ‘craft‘ activities and there will occasionally be ‘messy play‘ sessions.

All sessions are informal but we would encourage everyone to join in with the ‘parachute games‘, ‘snack time‘ and our ‘song time‘ to end each session.

Snack‘ available throughout the session we run a snack buffet where we aim to provide a choice of healthy snacks ready for your hungry children. We also provide water and squash to drink. During this time we also serve tea, coffee (and often cake) for the grown ups! We also have a fully functioning coffee bar serving filter coffees, americanos, lattes with cake. Please be careful with your hot drinks especially when the children are in the coffee bar area having snacks.

Acorns is an activity of Highway Church – all attendees of Acorns are invited to join in on church socials – there will be information about up-coming socials during the sessions.

…and just a reminder that children are the responsibility of the parent/carer that brings them – please be proactive in caring for your children

The Acorns Team