The English word ‘Church’ originates from the New Testament Greek word ‘Ecclesia‘, which refers to a body of people and their lives together, not to a building. For this reason, Highway holds the cell group principle as one of our key values. Different churches have different names for them; cell groups, home groups, small groups, but they all refer to the same idea.

Our meeting on Sunday morning is a celebration; we worship God, and meet together to celebrate what He has done throughout the week. However, our real fellowship comes from our cell group network, which are the smaller groups that meet together during the week to share each other’s lives and engage with the teaching from Sunday. These groups are also an opportunity to reach out to the community, have fun together, and to embrace what it means to be an ‘Ecclesia‘ in 21st century Britain.

We aim to keep these groups as small as possible, which allows for a much more quality experience than trying to talk to a hundred people on a Sunday morning. When a group grows too big, it multiplies, meaning that new leaders are equipped and trained within the group, so that they then take a new group, and the process starts all over again.

If you’re interested in joining one of our cell groups, come along on Sunday morning, and speak to a member of the team here.