The Old Testament

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Malachi: The Refiner’s Fire


In our final preach in our current series, Jo speaks on God as a loving refiner. When asked how silver was refined, a metalsmith said, “I hold the metal in the hottest part of the flame, and I know when the metal is refined, because it reflects my image.” God refines us through life, but […]

Proverbs: The Wisdom of God


As we continue our series on Jesus in the Old Testament, Jo looks at the vital topic of Wisdom; how can we live wisely?┬áIn Proverbs, and the beginning of John’s gospel, we see that Jesus is the wisdom of God revealed in creation.

Leviticus: The Need for Jesus


This week, Jo continues our series on Jesus in the Old Testament, looking at Leviticus, the book of the Jewish law, found after Exodus. It can seem strange and archaic to 21st century readers, so what is the key to finding Jesus in its pages? It lies in our constant need to be made right […]