Sermons by David Ward

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Romans 1


David Ward introduces our new book series for 2018: the book of Romans. For it all starts with a call of God on our lives.

Challenging mind sets


Dave this week challenges us to confront some of our mind sets, both personal and cultural, that inhibit our growth of the kingdom of God.

Noah: The Way Past Sin


This is the second preach in our Old Testament Series. This week, Dave looks at the story of Noah in Genesis, which reveals that God had a redemption plan to deal with our sin in place from the very start.

So Easy to Forget 4: Completing the Story


In the final of our four-part series, Dave explores how God is calling us forward to complete our story. Life with God is different than our normal lives; are we willing to let Him take us somewhere new? Next week we start a new series, in which some of the leadership team share their stories.

So Easy to Forget 2: What God Has Done


This week, Dave carries on our ‘Forget’ mini-series. In the second of four preaches, he talks about what God has done through Highway in the last 25 years, as well as exploring what God did for the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness.

So Easy to Forget 1: Where We’ve Come From


This week, Dave starts our new mini-series ‘So Easy to Forget’. As we move into a new year, and look forward into a year of change, it is too easy to forget what God has already done. He is faithful and everlasting, and Highway has already been on  an amazing journey. Without focusing exclusively on […]