Sermons by Jo Crook

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Acts 8 – Expect the Unexpected


Jo tackles the incredible events of Acts 8 this week, showing that, in a life tuned to God’s rhythms, there is no such thing as ordinary! If we choose to, God will show us amazing things. Sometimes life can seem mundane or everyday, and it can be easy to focus on the ordinary things. We can […]

Are You Dressed for the Wedding?


Preaching from Matthew 22:1-14, Jo asks ‘are we dressed for the wedding?’ What distracts us from God? We can do many good things, but we mustn’t let what’s good distract us from what is eternal. The only way to obtain eternal life to except what Christ has done, to let him clothe us in his righteousness. We […]

Kingdom Against the Flow


Preaching from the story of Daniel, and Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”, Jo shows us that the Kingdom of God is exciting, always new and completely upside-down. If we are members of His kingdom, then God must be […]

The Servant King: Equipping in the Old Testament


Jo shows us that the Old Testament principles are the pattern for training people in the Church. It all starts with the family, and manifests itself in being counter-cultural. Also, even God Himself rested, and we are commanded to do the same! Burn-out honours no-one.

Believe in Miracles: Family in the Church


As part of our ongoing series on the four functions of Church (family, army, hospital and equipping centre), Jo Crook talks from her heart as a mother of five. Family is a core value of Highway Church, and we should expect to walk in the supernatural, naturally!