Sermons by Sarah Simons

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Acts 13 – In David’s Footsteps


This week, Sarah examines Paul’s preach in Acts 13. He cites David, as an example of a man after God’s own heart, and who served God in his generation. Are we able to say the same?

Acts 6 – Leadership


As we re-examine Acts in the light of it’s legacy for the early Church, Sarah explores the principles of leadership in the choosing of Stephen in Acts 6. In God’s kingdom, there is a ‘No capes’ approach to leadership. We are all called to be leaders, you don’t have to be a superman, and it […]

Acts 18 – Arrive Delay Depart


This week, Sarah explores the fascinating events of Acts 18. Paul and his team faced exciting new arrivals, frustrating delays and hard farewells, and the challenge for us is this: what do we bring with us, how do we cope with unexpected delays, and what do we leave behind us?

Hokey-Cokey Kingdom; What it’s all About?


Having had a dance on Sunday morning before our celebration, Sarah continues our series on the Kingdom of God; are we in or out? We may not think we’re up to it, but God has created every person in His own image, and given every person gifts. What do we dedicate ourselves to? The choice […]

The Army of God in the Old Testament


As our preach series on the function of Church turns from family to army, Sarah focuses on the character of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20 to demonstrate God’s power as he fights for his people, and his people fight for His name!

Abba Father


Sarah talks to us about the importance of prayer, and the relationship it gives us with God the Father. God will use us despite our insecurities, if we left Him.