We’re passionate about raising young men and women who know who they are in Jesus, and who are thoroughly equipped for life. We meet during the Sunday celebration, and take time to explore Christianity and the Bible creatively through games, discussion, dramas and media. Our young people have opportunities to take part in church life during the celebrations, play in the worship band, as well as being a part of church socials and outreaches. During the summer, we offer the opportunity to attend two youth camps:


Masada UK

Masada UK is a summer camp run by Jubilee Church. It gives young people an opportunity to experience a week of  fun, new friendships nationally and internationally, teamwork and discovering more about God and who He made them to be. There are so many testimonies of the way teenagers have encountered God, been filled with His Spirit and gained a fresh perspective on what life is all about.


CreationFest is a local Christian Music Festival and Bible Week held at the Royal Cornwall Show Ground. CreationFest is an opportunity to inspire and expand young people’s worlds to the many ways the gospel can be represented through skating, raving, the arts, discussion and coffee to name a few! We spend the week camping together, and see God moving in the young people’s lives as they grow in grace, leadership and teamwork.